tharrini customer testimonial

Subscribing to BucketList Dreams helped me with my allergic condition. Unlike common dietary suggestions that largely involves giving up on your regular food style and adopting to an entirely new chart of items, the nutritionist at BucketList Dreams put me on a plan that was simple and easy to adapt, as it didn’t require me to switch from my preferred style

of South India dishes. I could easily follow the instructions and inculcate that as a habit.

The results began to show up after just two weeks. I experienced a shift in my eating patterns. I quit over hogging and started with an intake of smaller quantities every 3 hours. It made me feel more energetic and fresh. Regular exercise makes me feel fit, and the best part is that my favorite denim is a little loose now. It has also helped me with my allergic condition. Thank you BucketList Dreams for making me happier and fit!!”