Say bye to baby weight

Postpartum Weight Loss

Every woman dreams to shed all the weight gained during pregnancy once the baby arrives. Let us help you with an important fact here. No woman, not even your favourite fit celebrity would have lost their pregnancy weight immediately post partum. Then what is realistic expectation about post pregnancy weight loss? Is cutting calories the best way to lose weight or can it affect the baby in anyway? Read below to get all your doubts clarified on how to bid adieu to baby weight in the best way possible…

Realistic expectations

Seeing your favourite actress or super model lose all the extra pounds three months post partum sounds too good to be real right? It is unrealistic! They have enough and more resources of a cook, personal trainer, Nutritionist, Doctor, Nanny Etc at their disposal to help them achieve their aesthetic body. For a new mom, all the above is governed by her mother or a well-wisher and have to juggle between the old and new schools of thoughts regarding baby formula, hygiene, her weight loss to name a few.

Firstly, allow your body to recover and heal from this major physiological change which usually takes 6-8 weeks after the delivery. It is natural for most women to lose half of their baby weight in the first six weeks post delivery. Let this be a realistic expectation. However, this might vary based on how easy or complicated your pregnancy was and even the breastfeeding process postpartum to support weight loss. Rest of the excess weight usually takes around one to two years to disappear and return to your pre-pregnancy weight based on your nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, stress levels and most importantly on having a positive attitude.

Set a goal to lose not more than 500 grams a week by watching what you eat and exercising more. Any method which promises quick weight loss could make you pile them back. Quick fixes or unhealthy weight loss practises can also take a toll your hormones, skin, strength, stamina and energy levels.

Increased estrogen and progesterone levels have made you deposit fat accumulation especially around hips, buttocks and thighs and not to forget the physiological role it plays in child-bearing. You also tend to lose muscles and gain fat if you have limited your physical activity during pregnancy further adding to stubborn weight that takes longer to reverse postpartum.

Your journey towards a fitter body

Now that you understand the science behind weight gain and also the realistic goals of losing weight, below are a few tips that come handy for postpartum weight loss:

  • If you are breastfeeding, reducing your calorie intake can affect the milk production. Talk to your Expert at BucketList Dreams before deciding on the same.
  • Small and frequent meals still hold good in this case. Remember to spread out your calorie intake throughout the day.
  • It is but obvious for a new mother to eat in a jiffy when the little one is sleeping. Instead, take longer time to finish your meals. You will be surprised to see how you can avoid overeating which in turn helps with weight loss.
  • Once you get your Doctor approval, start with strength training exercises to burn stubborn fat. It will also help you in your daily affairs of lifting and moving around with your baby.

Bottom line is to stay positive. Enjoy the new phase of your baby’s arrival. Make time for yourself and take care of your nutrition and exercise. If you are healthy, your baby is secure. Reward yourself for every small achievement so that you stay motivated throughout your journey postpartum.

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