Nourishment During Pregnancy

Nourishment Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life where nutrition plays a role of utmost importance.  And right diet is what is needed to get the best nutrition for the mother and the baby.  At Bucketlist Dreams, when we mention as diet, we are not talking about restricting calories, trying to lose weight or restricting food intake or even common myth of eating for two from first trimester.  All these are hazardous especially during pregnancy.  The type of diet we encourage during pregnancy is to ensure that you are eating well balanced diet comprising of your regular home cooked regional and local foods.  Here are a few reasons why we say that Nourishment during Pregnancy is Important:

Minimizes pregnancy complications:  

Pregnant woman are prone to various complications like hypermesis (severe vomiting), high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) and high blood sugar (gestational diabetes). Eating right foods will help tackle such complications and helps prevent dehydration, control blood pressure, blood sugar and control gestational diabetes.

Ensures healthy weight gain of the mother and the baby:

 “Eat for two” is the common advice from the well-wishers, which is not beneficial for both the mother and the baby.  Eating for two and gaining weight drastically only invites more complications like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Similarly eating too less can also put your baby at risk of low birth weight and also set up a life time health complications for your baby.  So eating right is important to promote a healthy weight gain for the mother and the baby. Appropriate foods to gain healthy weight should come from food groups like whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits, dairy and nuts.

Minimizes incidence of birth defects:

Eating nutrient rich foods and monitored food intake can prevent micro- nutrient deficiencies and exposure to harmful chemical like artificial colors, flavors and artificial sweeteners. Exposures to harmful chemicals are linked to neurological impairments, developmental delays and micro nutrient deficiencies can lead to birth defects like spina bifida (abnormalities of spinal cord).

Good health is a gift to the Child:

The food that a woman eats during her pregnancy not only influences the overall development of the child but also lays foundation on the food preferences of the child later in life. If the mother is eating wrong foods which lack nutrients, there are high chances that the baby also develops taste for foods that are low in nutrition increasing the risk of diseases like obesity and diabetes later in life.

Eating nourishing foods during pregnancy promotes good health of the baby and encourages better food preference that will stay throughout the life.

Helps the mother get back in shape post pregnancy:

New mothers are keen on losing the post pregnancy weight as quickly as possible. Eating right not only makes you gain right weight during pregnancy, but also helps you lose weight easily. Following a healthy diet in pregnancy helps build healthy eating habits that can be continued even after birth that will help the mother to shed the extra weight quickly.

Remember, eating right is important during pregnancy because everything that you eat has an impact on the mother as well as the baby. While healthy foods, like those we suggest at BucketList Dreams have a positive impact on the baby’s health; it can also help reduce complications during pregnancy.

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-Ashwini Sagar

Consultant, Nutrition