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Krupa Hiremath

Consultant, Nutrition

Krupa is a dedicated and qualified nutritionist with 8 years of experience. She has done her Master of Science in Human Development. Krupa is devoted to her practice, delighting in every opportunity to help clients craft healthful lifestyles. Her strong  belief is that healthy eating is the key to healthy living. She specializes in weight management and diabetes. Through her vast experience she creates customized result oriented diets plans in these branches.

Krupa has worked for reputed health centres in Bangalore. Here she has provided valuable services and brought in a positive health change in many individuals. Her knowledge in psychology helps her understand her client’s food behaviour. This important aspect helps her to guide them to lead towards a healthy life. She has worked in several health centres and hospitals in Bangalore. Her role in teams providing high standards of specialist wellness services to targeted groups/individuals is highly valued. She has performed individual dietary analysis, meal planning and creates result oriented diets.

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