How To Keep Your Weight Under Control During Menopause

Keep Your Weight Under Control During Menopause
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]Hormone changes, stress and ageing makes weight loss impossible for women during menopause. This process can start during perimenopause which sets in almost a decade before menopause. Excess or reduced estrogen secretion, inadequate sleep, increased insulin resistance can increase chances of weight gain during menopause, shifting fat deposition from the hip and thigh areas to the abdominal area! Women generally tend to cut down on their portion sizes especially carbohydrate sources to cut down weight. Research says such low carb diet for a long duration can make you pile on more!

A simple and effective way to keep weight under check during this phase is to work out-especially strength and resistance training along with cardio. Get adequate sleep to keep your hormones naturally under control along with choosing vegetarian foods over meat.

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Compiled by

Aruna Prasad.
Consultant, Nutrition