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Healthy Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Valentine

healthy gift ideas for your loved

Looking for a gift for your loved one this valentine who is completely into health, then you are at the right place! Whether your loved one is a health freak or just begun the journey into a new healthy lifestyle, any kind of sugary loaded chocolates, cakes, gift cards to restaurants, expensive bottles of liquor might not be appealing to them. If you think they deserve something healthier or at least something that supports their lifestyle, and if you are finding it difficult to find a gift like that; well I’ve looked around and found some gifts that can be given to promote health of your loved ones.

  • Fresh fruit bouquet is one amongst the best gifts which looks beautiful, tastes good and is packed with vital vitamins and nutrients.
  • Gift a tea basket! It is fun and your loved one will get to try a variety of flavours. Tea is delicious, healthy, and just perfect for anytime of the year. Green tea, black tea and herbal teas are packed with antioxidants. It definitely adds on to the health of your loved one.
  • Gift a coupon of their favourite dance form or a fitness class. It is a great way to get out of the house and sweat out to improve their fitness!
  • For those who are more fashion fanatic and not a foodie, gift them some fitness clothes, a pair of walking shoes, a gym bag or a yoga mat. They would be delighted to receive them and it also motivates them to sustain their healthy habits.There are lot many gifts like these if you figure it out. Whether it’s an expensive gadget or a heartfelt card, your gift should reflect your love. Show them how much you care by giving a gift that keep them motivated enough to continue to have a healthy lifestyle. Give the gift of health this valentine to your loved one and be a part of their healthy family.

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Krupa. Hiremath
Consultant, Nutrition