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Gaining Weight ? Even After Eating Healthy?

Visceral Fat Gaining Weight

It might be frustrating to see yourself Gaining Weight even after Eating Healthy. Reasons could be plenty. It’s not only what you eat but there are several other factors contribute to weight. Below are the few common factors with which one can address the weight gain problem. Sometimes, surprisingly the weight gain is healthy. Learn more.

Weight loss plateau

You will be surprised to not to see any weight loss even after all the efforts. Stuck at a weight loss plateau? This is the phase which everyone faces who is trying to lose weight. The approach which you initially used for weight loss might not work now. You might need to follow a new eating plan. Also, change the workout routine. If things are not working talk to your nutritionist.

Body composition

Check with your body fat percentage. If fat has come down and muscle mass has increased then you are on track. If Gaining Weight is because of gain in muscle mass than it’s a sign of good health.

Eating too less

If the body is not given enough food, the metabolism decreases. It starts hoarding fats and calories. This is common in people who do not know how to diet and do their own thing. Eating too little is the most common reason that makes it difficult to lose weight.


The more the sodium intake, the more a body will retain water to maintain the sodium balance. This could be one reason for weight fluctuation. Salty foods increase thirst. To quench this thirst many choose beverages like soft drinks or sodas that are packed with calories. Salt also enhances the taste of the food and may encourage overeating. Have a close check on the sodium intake in your diet. Sodium recommendation is 1500mg per day. One shouldn’t definitely eat more than 2300 mg per day. Stick on to the lower limit if any health conditions like hypertension or heart disease.


It’s not only medical conditions, some medicines also hinder the weight loss process. It may increase appetite and lower metabolic rate. Medications taken for diabetes, hypertension, depression, migraine etc. can contribute to weight gain. Reasons for Gaining Weight due to medications may vary and are not always known. If you experience weight gain due to medicines talk to your doctor. They may help you with a similar drug that might not have affect your weight gain.

Distracted eating

This it’s nothing but one is not eating mindfully. You may be eating watching a screen, feeling bored or stressed out etc. In this kind of eating you do not savour the food and hardly notice what and how much you have eaten. This could also be one reason for weight gain.

Food labels

Read the food labels before you buy anything. The food which is advertised healthy need not be healthy always. Thoroughly check for the labels for for hidden sugars, calories, fat etc. Disguise names can be used which you might find it difficult to understand. So, do not get fooled by such tricks. Making wrong food choices can also keep you away from losing weight.

There are several other factors like sleep, metabolism etc. which takes you back from losing weight. Identify the reason for weight gain and start working in that direction. Do not get discouraged and revert back to bad habits. Weight loss takes time, start each day with positivity. Do not give up and continue with your efforts and celebrate the success you achieved so far. For more insight get in touch with the experts at BucketList Dreams.

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