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All About Cold Pressed Oils

Cold Pressed Oils

If you ask your grandparents they will tell you how they used to go with the empty can to purchase oil. It was the way of life until the industries with refined and processed oils took over the market. Cold Pressed Oils are nothing but the age old method of extracting oil, which has gained its existence back with a modern name and modern equipments. The local name or old name for cold pressed oil in South India was “chekku ennai”.

How are Cold Pressed Oils made?

Did you know what determines the flavour of oil? It is the way oil is extracted from a seed which affects the taste, flavour and nutrition quality. In hot press process method the quantity of oil generated is higher and the process is quite easy as well.  But the effect of this method is using heat to extract oil which can degrade the nutritional quality and reduce the flavour of oil.

In cold pressing method, the extraction process involves pressing the seeds/nuts forcing the oil out. The seeds are dropped into the cylinder with rotating screws. There are small holes in the bottom of cylinder for oil to escape when screw grinds. Although some heat is generated through friction, this usually does not damage the quality of oil. Hence this has better flavour and nutritional quality.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

  • Oil extracted from cold press method retains their flavour and odour when compared to other methods and also look darker unlike refined oils.
  • In cold pressed oil extraction there is no chemical intervention and no additives like preservatives. This way they eliminate all the harmful effects that arise in conventional methods of extraction.
  • These oils retain their nutrients that are otherwise destroyed by heat.
  • These oils are naturally cholesterol free as they do not have trans fatty acids.
  • In cold pressed extraction the oils retain their natural antioxidants like vitamin A, D & E which help to fight harmful free radicals.
  • Cold pressed olive oils are rich in omega 3 and oleic acid which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties and also strengthens the immune system.
  • Cold pressed coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is also found in human milk. This helps fight harmful pathogens.
  • Cold pressed oils like almond oil, coconut oil etc. also give goodness to the skin as they are enriched with vitamin E, vitamin A and antioxidants

Things to know:

  • Cold pressed oils are more expensive than refined oils primarily because the best quality seeds are used. Also less oil is extracted because of the absence of heat. So it’s worth buying.
  • These oils have shorter shelf life. Buy them in smaller amounts and store in a cold and dark place. They need to be protected from light as it might lead to free radical damage.

This way cold pressed oil is packed with nutrients which benefit our health. This is something that the young generation has to learn the healthy lifestyle which our ancestors enjoyed. Start using cold pressed oils and do not get influenced by the media to use refined oils or processed oils. Oils are not just for frying but also to provide nutrition. Switch your oil from refined, processed or hydrogenated oils to cold pressed oils. As long as we remember to use oils in moderation and add fitness to our routine lifestyle, we will be healthy. For more insights on oils, register at BucketList Dreams.

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