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How Can Walking Burn Belly Fat ?


Belly fat is the concern for most of us. Belly fat is the first one to get deposited and the last one to go ! Due to increasing inactivity, we all have issues with the stomach fat popping out and only getting worse with age! With today’s busy lives, taking time out for exercise could be challenging. This is when walking as a form of exercise is more practical. But can be it effective for weight loss? Can walking alone help burn belly fat? Read here to know more.

Visceral FatBelly Fat and Walking

The look of belly fat is not just unpleasant aesthetically. It can also have some serious health issues. Belly fat is also called the visceral fat. This is the extra fat covering your vital organs like kidney, liver, heart etc. Whenever visceral fat exceeds more than 10%, it could increase your risk for diabetes, hypertension etc. Excess belly fat is also related to increased risk of cancer, stroke, dementia and cardiovascular diseases.

Unlike the subcutaneous fat stored under the skin, belly fat can be broken down. It can also be used as a source of energy as per the Harvard Health Publications. This can be achieved by beginning with the easiest form of exercise-‘Walking’. Walking like other exercises also burns calories. This aids in fat loss. Walking a mile (1.6 km) burns approximately 100 calories on an average. This number could vary based on gender, speed, body weight, fitness levels etc. Did you know that running a mile could burn only 23 calories extra? This means walking could be as effective as running and kick start the process of fat loss especially for beginners.

healthy lifestyleKey for fat loss with walking

According to the American School of Sports Medicine, 60-90 minutes of aerobic training helps in achieving a flatter stomach. Walking can be that aerobic training for most of us. Slow paced walking for 30 minutes, five times a week would work initially. Changing intensity of this further prevents weight loss plateau and lead to effective belly fat reduction. Gradually increase the speed and go for brisk walks.

Interval training during walking helps in faster abdominal fat loss. This is because interval training burns more calories and hence faster fat loss. Interval training can be achieved by walking at a faster pace for short duration and moderate pace for longer duration. Example alternating high speed walking for 30 seconds followed by moderate pace for one minute. This way both aerobic and anaerobic energy system is used resulting in faster fat loss. The secret lies in playing around with the heart rate which is the key for fat burning. This way the increased heart rate further improves your cardiovascular ability along with fat loss.

food to burn belly fatPrecautions with Walking

There is no specific time to go for a walk. Starting is all that matters! Avoid going for walks after a meal up to 2 hours. Start in a small way. Walk to a nearby grocery store or super market. Get off a stop or two earlier from the bus and walk the distance. More is definitely merrier for belly fat burning.

Walking can be the ideal exercise if you are elderly, pregnant, infirm or have no access to high end fitness centres.

Walking instead of being sedentary can kick start the process of burning belly fat.

lose weightOther Benefits of Walking

  • Walking prevents wastage of lean muscle mass. The lesser muscle you lose better is your strength and stamina with ageing.
  • Walking can improve your mood. Walking helps boost endorphin-the feel good hormones level. The feel-good hormones reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Walking can be very effective for people with It is said that fat loss due to exercise helps reduce the stress on joints and improves the condition.

Once you are regular with walking and start noticing changes in your fitness levels and waist line, bring in variety. Just like a variety in food nourishes the body, a variety in exercise nourishes and strengthens your muscles. This has to be accompanied with clean eating. Remember, abs is made in the kitchen! So along with taking care of your exercise regimen, watch what you eat. Talk to our Nutritionists at BucketList Dreams to know the all secrets to burn belly fat.

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