8 Ways to Improve Fertility

8 Ways to Improve Fertility

Over the last decade, fertility problems have dramatically increased. Blame the sedentary lifestyle or high stress or the low nutritional quality foods to list a few which lead to PCOS in women, infertility in men, endometriosis etc which are the causes of fertility issues. Fertility is multifactorial and using natural approaches to improve fertility has given positive results. Below are eight such ways to improve fertility naturally:

  • Soak up the sunshine:

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant especially in Indians also since our desk jobs in air conditioned offices leave us with very little time to soak up in sun. Vitamin D levels in healthy range can boost fertility by regulating sex hormones thus improving fertility. Also ensure you include dairy products, mushrooms and egg yolks to increase your dietary vitamin D intake.

  • Say no to smoking and alcohol:

Smokers are likely to have 50% lower sperm count or likely to be impotent. In women, smoking affects embryo implantation leading to failed pregnancies. Alcohol likewise works against your fertility levels in both men and women. Watch your spirit intake the next time you go partying if planning for pregnancy.

  • Say no to plastics:

Xenoestrogens are estrogen-like substances found in plastic containers or foods loaded on pesticides. Reheating food in a plastic container (however microwave proof the container is!) or ready-to-eat foods are the main causes of increased xenoestrogen exposure. This can create havoc in your system disturbing hormones which help in fertility.

  • Watch your weight:

Excess body weight can reduce testosterone levels in men and overproduce female hormones disrupting ovulation process. Your cycles can be regular but you may be ovulating less often leading to infertility. Exercising regularly is the best way to keep your body fat in the healthy range.

  • Reduce caffeine:

Excess caffeine can affect the fallopian tube muscles affecting pregnancy. Say no to caffeine overload to keep your stress levels at bay and for better nutrient absorption from the food you eat.

  • Say no to OTC pills:

Over the counter (OTC) pills especially pain killers during ovulation can affect pregnancy. Always consult your Doctor before popping in a pill.

  • Cut down on sugar:

Refined carbohydrates like biscuits, ready-to-eat cereals, white bread etc can cause insulin resistance affecting conception. Prefer homemade, fresh cooked foods over an instant food.

  • Stay positive:

Mind is a powerful tool. Your thoughts and emotions can affect your body functioning which also includes fertility. Meditation can help attract positive energy and keep stress under control.

Remember, fertility and giving birth to a healthy baby is a combination of healthy body weight, well managed stress levels, regular exercise, positive mind and eating clean. These factors need to be implemented by both the partners for a successful pregnancy.

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-Aruna Prasad
Consultant, Nutrition