Women & Children Wellness Subscription Plans

Motherhood is indeed an amazing experience. From the first ‘news’ to the first time you see your little baby, every moment is precious. In this delicate period, it’s extremely essential to follow a certain lifestyle.

With bucketlist, get personalised lifestyle charts and food plans for your Children and yourself. There is nothing more important than good health.

Don’t compromise, get a personal dietitian today!

Healthy Pregnancy Plan

Pregnancy is an important life stage where nutrition plays a crucial role in the development and health of the baby and mother as well! Whether you are a working mom or a home maker, we understand the challenges of pregnancy while you try to balance your different roles.

At BucketList Dreams, we design customised diet plans for mothers-to-be, at different stages of pregnancy to meet the nutritional demands of the body. Our experts help you prepare for this whole new life that awaits! The diet plans consist of simple, nutritious super foods to benefit yours and the baby’s health and also help to deal with common pregnancy symptoms naturally.

We connect with you at regular intervals to monitor your health throughout the gestation period and further handhold you for the new born care and recovery. We believe that right food and nutrition makes a healthy baby and mother and all these without affecting your cultural and traditional eating habits!

Manage PCOS Plans

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone imbalance condition, causing irregular periods, unwanted hair growth and acne. PCOS is a common problem amongst teenaged girls and young women. In fact, almost 1 out of 10 women have PCOS. Women with PCOS often face difficulty in conceiving.

At BucketList Dreams, we help you with the nutritional support and an exercise schedule that helps you to deal with the condition. Our expert team will build a tailored and unique diet to treat PCOS. We help make dietary changes and guide you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes, that help alleviate symptoms of PCOS.

Manage Thyroid Plans

Hypothyroid is one of the many negative effects of sedentary lifestyle. Hypothyroidism is caused due to an underactive thyroid. This condition has profound effect on our metabolism which in turn throws many challenges. Difficulty in losing weight, hair and skin problems, fertility issues, lack of sleep and low energy levels are some of them. All these stumbling blocks that affect your health can be tackled with simple changes in your food habits and daily activities.

We carefully consider your medical history and daily activities, and then reach out to the root cause of the problem. Gradually, we help in improving the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance through right food choices. We believe, the food you eat is a powerful medicine when you eat it in a healthy and moderate way.

Healthy Child Plans
  • What your child should eat
  • How much he or she should eat?
  • Are they getting enough protein in their growing years?
  • How much fat is too much for kids?

Whether you have a jumpy toddler or a super active teen, right nutrition plays a key role in their mental and physical growth.

Right nutrition is important for your child to grow healthy, concentrate at school, perform better in academics, maintain a healthy weight, stay active and stay alert. We understand that the needs of every child are different. Wrong choice of foods can make your child fussy, weak and may also lead to health problems related to intellectual development.

At BucketList dreams we help you to plan right nutrition for your child by giving importance to vital nutrients which they need in growing years. We help you identify the super foods suitable for your child to improve their growth, build strong muscles, bones, concentration and memory. This small investment and the healthy habits which you give your child will have a positive and lasting impact in creating a healthy framework for your child.