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To Diet Or Not

To Diet Or Not
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]The literal meaning of diet is to “restrict”. Weight loss industry vouches on this literal meaning and the ones who promise you weight loss are making you do nothing but “restrict”. Restrict your favourite food, your native food, your local food, your required portion sizes etc. These fancy weight loss diets vary from no carbs to only soup and salads or high protein or low fat diet to list a few. We fall prey to these considering these are ‘quick fixes’ as they promise results.  We fail to see that this is not based on your medical condition or blood test reports or your cultural eating or your lifestyle either!

A recent study suggests that 40% of people who were on a “diet”- read “restricted food” gained back the lost weight. This is but obvious! You deprive the body of the required food/portion sizes/nutrients, it responds! Along with shedding a few kilos, you also lose your muscle tone, essential nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin D etc, resulting in bad skin, hair loss, constantly tired without your knowledge! Do not be shocked to read that such restricted weight loss diets can eventually make you fat because of excess of hunger hormones secreted as a side effect.

Say no to a “diet” which asks you to restrict the foods that you once grew up on or the one which discourages a physical activity. Weight loss should be a lifestyle modification and an outcome of mindful, cultural eating coupled with physical activity!

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Compiled by
Aruna Prasad
Consultant, Nutrition