Thyroid Management Subscription Plans

Strategies based on

  • Based on your biochemical parameters
  • Plans will be customized based on your eating habits & lifestyle
  • No medications, pills, supplements will be advised as part of this plan
  • Any Medication prescribed your doctor, to be continued / modified only under doctor’s advice
  • Diet to support weight loss as seen in hypothyroidism commonly

Constituents of the Thyroid Management Plan

  • Macro and micro nutrient balance
  • Super foods based on your clinical symptoms
  • Foods to curb huger pangs
  • Meal plan to avoid food cravings because of nutrient deficiencies commonly seen in hypothyroidism
  • Food recommendations to support your exercise, work and daily activities

Hypothyroid is one of the many negative effects of sedentary lifestyle. Hypothyroidism is caused due to an underactive thyroid. This condition has profound effect on our metabolism which in turn throws many challenges. Difficulty in losing weight, hair and skin problems, fertility issues, lack of sleep and low energy levels are some of them. All these stumbling blocks that affect your health can be tackled with simple changes in your food habits and daily activities.

We carefully consider your medical history and daily activities, and then reach out to the root cause of the problem. Gradually, we help in improving the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance through right food choices. We believe, the food you eat is a powerful medicine when you eat it in a healthy and moderate way.

  • Lifestyle modification
  •  Diet plan based on Hormonal and medical history
  •  Regular follow ups
  •  Customised and easy Diet plan
  •  Well structured workout plan
  •  Healthy recipes and Fitness tips
  • recommendations to support your exercise, work and daily activities Lifestyle