Sports Subscription Plans

Playing a sport is physically demanding and the precision, strength and endurance required to sustain the same considering the cardio-respiratory, musco-skeletal and metabolic demands in a sportsman, varies during a game.  Right nutrition plays a key role in supporting the energy system to cater to all the above mentioned demands to peak performance, minimise physical and mental fatigue and promote recovery.

We at BucketList Dreams, provide practical, sustainable nutrition plans backed by research-based sports nutrition strategies, to take them a notch higher in their respective sports. Super foods to promote endurance, strength, recovery and prevent injury can give you the winning edge. Timely follow ups from the Sports Nutritionist and revision of sports nutrition plans based on the season and training intensities, will only leave you with the best of energy and vigour for your next day practice/competition. We assure you with our sports nutrition plans that the next time you are on the ground playing a competition, food and hydration will be the last thing on your mind!

  • Research based Sports Nutrition Plan
  • Specialised Nutrition for endurance and stamina
  • High Energy meal plans
  • Injury prevention Tips
  • Fuelling strategies before competition
Sports Nutrition Plan
Sports Nutrition 3 Months
Sports Nutrition 6 Months