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Anupa customer testimonial


To lose weight in such a simple way was the best thing about this programme. Losing those first few grams and then kilos was such a boost to my self-esteem. I suddenly felt confident and happy with myself, which I hadn’t felt in a long time. There was no need for a very strict diet that 

padmashree After customer testimonial


They are very accommodating and keep the diets varying to suit my work and lifestyle. There has been significant inch loss, which is very evident to me and everybody around. All in all the diet plans are reasonable, affordable, flexible and interesting too. I intend to continue with BucketList Dreams.

Mandakini Rajesh customer testimonial

Mandakini Rajesh

It lets me be a super mom to my kids; can play and run along with them now. I gained weight after my first child was born. My weight was increased, and it created health issues. I used to feel giddy frequently. After I signed up for a nutrition plan with BucketList Dreams, my lifestyle […]

tharrini customer testimonial


Subscribing to BucketList Dreams helped me with my allergic condition. Unlike common dietary suggestions that largely involves giving up on your regular food style and adopting to an entirely new chart of items, the nutritionist at BucketList Dreams put me on a plan that was simple and easy to adapt, as it didn’t require me to […]

BucketList Dreams Yourbld

K V Arjun

“Firstly, thank you very much for helping me change to a healthy lifestyle. I am truly thankful to BucketList Dreams. BucketList Dreams has helped me control my weight & also get slimmer! Now I would like to share the experience that I had with BucketList Dreams. I saw the advertisement in a newspaper

BucketList Dreams Yourbld


Kudos to the BucketList Dreams team, I am very happy with the service. I have been on diet prescribed by the nutritionist, there is definitely a delta in my health. Adding to this, the way the nutritionist considers each and every aspect of her client’s health is just amazing! The diet plan she designs are […]

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