Obesity Management Subscription Plans

Child Obesity Plan

Worried about your child’s increasing weight?
Confused how to manage your child’s weight without any fuss?

Helping your child maintain the right weight is crucial because overweight and obese children are more likely to stay obese into their adulthood unless corrected at the right time. They are also more likely to develop diabetes, hypertension and heart related diseases, which is assumed affect adults only.

The prevalence of childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and has become the most serious public health challenges of present times. Considering the prevalent sedentary lifestyle across age groups, it is important to address increasing weight in young children at early stages.

At BucketList Dreams we help you identify and correct factors affecting your child’s health and fitness through a simple nutrition plan and physical activity. We support through regular follow ups, improvised diet plans and quick nutritious recipes that will help your child manage weight easily.


Obesity Plan

Size does matter! Obesity is now a serious worldwide health epidemic affecting millions!

As per data, more than 30 medical conditions are associated with obesity. Obesity definitely affects your health. It also affects your performance in day to day activities leading to reduced self-esteem and self- confidence.

Though reaching a healthy weight might seem difficult, it is not impossible! We at BucketList Dreams help you begin a healthy journey. Start by setting realistic weight loss goals through simple changes to your diet and tips on physical activities. We do not recommend any alternative short cuts of fad diets, crash diets, supplements or fat burning pills for weight loss. Our belief that this approach is the best to get your body in shape where good health is only the positive side effect.

Your discipline and commitment towards these new found healthy habits is what matters for the right weight management. Support from BucketList dreams will take you towards your ultimate goal of being healthy and consistent with these new healthy habits.