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Health & Disease Management Plans

Diabetes Management Plans

Do you know that diabetes mellitus is ametabolic condition and can be managed and even reversed with the right lifestyle?

Is there a specific “diabetesdiet” that you need to follow which includes fat-free foods and sugar-free alternatives since you have been diagnosed with high blood sugar? Or are you not motivated enough. BucketList Experts make your journey simple and managing diabetes less cumbersome. Want to discover how?

We work with the seasonal and local superfoods from your kitchen and also recommend simple exercises. Not to forget, you will be given a plan no different from what your family eats yet you can surprise your Doctor with well managed sugar readings. We handhold you through this journey to make it less overwhelming and transform you into a fitter, energetic and a positive person.

Healthy Heart Plans

Cardiovascular diseases are often known as silent killers. Along with the medical help, you can greatly reduce your risk of heart diseases by taking preventive measures. Making small, gradual changes can make a big difference in your health.

At BucketList Dreams, we provide a structured nutrition plan made by a team of experts which can truly have a positive impact on your health. We help you stay motivated in the long-term and break through the misconceptions and fear. Our wellness initiatives are planned to suit your lifestyle and soon you can notice a difference in your LDL and HDL levels. Register yourself for a “healthy heart” plan and let us help you lead a healthy life.


Manage Thyroid Plans

Hypothyroid is one of the many negative effects of sedentary lifestyle. Hypothyroidism is caused due to an underactive thyroid. This condition has profound effect on our metabolism which in turn throws many challenges. Difficulty in losing weight, hair and skin problems, fertility issues, lack of sleep and low energy levels are some of them. All these stumbling blocks that affect your health can be tackled with simple changes in your food habits and daily activities.

We carefully consider your medical history and daily activities, and then reach out to the root cause of the problem. Gradually, we help in improving the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance through right food choices. We believe, the food you eat is a powerful medicine when you eat it in a healthy and moderate way.


Be Fit and Healthy Plans

Fitness is very subjective and individualistic. At BucketList we emphasise on improving your fitness levels to overcome fatigue or lethargy at work place. Improving fitness will help you avoid those innumerable number of coffees in a day to keep you going.

Our simple and effective plans help you increase your energy through the day and in turn improve productivity at work.

We at BucketList Dreams give you the liberty to define your idea of fitness and handhold you to get fit and better. Our dream plans and exercise recommendations are tailor made to suit your cultural and seasonal palate, yet accommodate a healthy lifestyle modification in your busy schedule. Sign up for better energy levels, toned body, increased stamina, calmer mind, mindful eating, or to simply enjoy your favourite sport with your friends or family.

Detox Plan

Detox! This is a simple diet helps you rejuvenate, refresh and unwind in a very positive way!

Toxins are a part of our daily life, both inside and out. They are present in the environment, our households and even in our food. These toxins can be hazardous in numerous ways. Often, they contribute to excess weight, ill health, respiratory issues and other such illnesses.

Detox brings back your balance and helps our systems function properly again. This is a well-planned diet that brings you closer to natural foods with the right medicinal and nutritional value, suitable for you.

Still thinking about it?

Beautify You Plan

Don’t we all have an inner desire to look our best whenever and wherever possible? Looking good and feeling good about oneself enhances confidence and gives a boost to our self-esteem. At BucketList Dreams we believe in beautifying you from within.

Yes, you heard it right!  If you have a healthy body in terms of a reservoir of nutrients, strong immune system, clear gut (stomach health), it will show up externally, making you beautiful inside out. A lifestyle modification of clean eating and exercising regularly, will give you a radiating skin and a glowing persona, which is cost effective, permanent, sustainable and a joyous experience. You need not have to pop pills or apply chemicals on your skin and hair to treat it superficially. We will make you fall in love with yourself again.

Are you ready to start this beautiful journey with us?