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Exercise Tips For Beginners

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]If you have decided that it’s time to start exercising, it means that you have taken the first step to a healthy body and mind. Remember! Exercise should refresh and energize you and not strain you or make you feel tired. Here are a few tips if you are a beginner to this religion.

  • Before you start with any exercise, always consult your doctor if you have any health conditions to know what are the do’s, and don’t’s for you.
  • Exercising has numerous options. Choose activities like sports, gym, walking, jogging, dancing, yoga and others that you enjoy. It will increase your chances of being regular and making it a habit.
  • Evaluate and assess your fitness level for the activity you have chosen either by yourself or with the help of a fitness trainer.
  • Decide on the duration. Most fitness experts suggest a workout for at least 30 minutes. If you are unable to do it for 30 minutes, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise at all. Take it up even if you are doing it for 10-15 minutes. It does make a difference. Remember, fitness is contagious and addictive. Once you get to see the results, the more regular you are and more intense you become.
  • Set workout goals. Make sure they are realistic, clear and concise. It is wise to start at a lower intensity and go slow, rather than being aggressive and giving up early.
  • Never workout on an empty stomach. Plan you meals accordingly and have light and healthy snacks before you exercise.
  • Do not forget to warm up before you begin your workout. It prepares your body for the stress of exercise, improves blood flow and performance of muscles and joints.
  • Stay hydrated. Sip water in between workouts for better performance and to avoid fatigue.
  • Cool down after exercising. It will help your body cool down, and your heart and pulse rate resumes to normal. Stretching or lying down on your back are a few simple cooling down techniques.

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Ashwini Sagar.
Consultant, Nutrition[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]