Ben Saverin

Consultant, Fitness

Ben Saverin is a fitness guide and physiotherapy consultant with over 18 years of experience. He works with people from all walks of life. He coaches people to overcome their inhibitions and physical issues and gently guides them towards becoming fit and healthy. He assists several young students in their exercise routines thus enhancing their overall physical wellness leading to increased concentration and better focus in other activities. Several sports men, woman and children also train under his guidance to help with enhanced endurance.

Ben has graduated from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Science in Bangalore, with a specialisation in Physiotherapy. His clinical experience encompasses his work in several medical facilities like the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, Hosmat Hospital, Manipal Hospital and the NIMHANS,Bangalore. He has been a fitness trainer with the Talwalkars, before starting multiple unique fitness centre along with a spa.