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Difficult To Give Up Food Temptations

Difficult to give up food temptation
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=””]Pay attention to body signals: Firstly, it is important to know the reason behind your temptations if you are seriously working towards a health goal and you feel that these temptations are coming in the way of your achievements. Have you ever wondered why you crave for certain foods? Is it because your body is devoid of certain nutrients or you love certain foods and can have them anytime and in any portion, or because eating your favourite food when you are not in the best of your mind frame makes you feel better or you are tempted to unhealthy foods because of sheer boredom? Food craving if not for boredom is related to an underlying nutrient deficiency. The simplest and easiest way to curb these temptations is to eat a balanced meal. Eating clean and healthy food gives you the required dose of nutrients for your body to function normally and not crave for certain foods.

Mindful eating: It is also up to your mind to work on these temptations, if you succumb to emotional eating or eating junk out of boredom. Realize the downside of giving in to your temptations too often and the consequence of it. This way you get more conscious of the unhealthy foods you eat.

Food dairy: You can also maintain a food dairy which keeps a track of your food and gives you a true picture of how often you give in to your temptation. Maintaining this log will help you take an informed decision the next time you get tempted and go weak on certain foods.

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