Corporate Wellness Subscription Plans

Healthy people = Happy Workplace
Invest in good health. Transform your workspace

Behind every productive company, is a team of happy and healthy people.
Stress, long commute hours, lack of a proper fitness regime, unhealthy food habits, etc. can impact the overall performance of employees. With a holistic approach that works as a complete package on an individual, nurturing the body from within, ensuring that your employees lead a healthier life enabling them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Here’s what you can do to add value to your employee’s health – invest in a plan that can cater to the overall well being of people at your workplace. BucketList Dreams offers a well defined and easy to follow Corporate Health Plan that can create a world of difference to the productivity of coworkers and help them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We would be happy to create a special health bucket to take you closer to your dreams.

Corporate Nutrition Plans

Corporate Nutrition plans include health risk assessment analysis, personal nutrition, group activities and demos.

Life skill Coaching and Motivation Counselling

This includes working towards improved emotional intelligence, enhanced self concept and self esteem, Identifying and clarifying personal and career goals, Aligning the individual’s and the role’s expectations, Increase flexibility in thinking and communicating and more.

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Ergonomics Training

Advising on correct posture and right exercises to minimise injuries due to chronic physical and psychological stresses, while maximising productivity and efficiency

Posture plays an important role in day-to-day life whether at workplace, lying on bed or playing sport. Abnormal or wrong posture can harm body part. The right combination of workstation, posture and environment is not achieved then ergonomic problems may arise. Most of these ergonomic problems/injuries are caused either by forceful or repetitive motion activities; faulty or awkward positions, results in immediate or long-term damage to muscles, nerves, tendons, and joints. These injuries are called as RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) or MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) or CTD (Cumulative Trauma Disorders).

Correct posture and Right exercises are necessary to minimise injuries due to chronic physical and psychological stresses, while maximising productivity and efficiency.

Sedentary Lifestyle Modification

Counselling on small nutrition and fitness changes to be made for people with corporate jobs have long sitting hours and a lifestyle with very little or no physical activity.

Lack of physical activity is one of the leading causes of health related issues. The risk is higher among individuals who sit still & work 5 hours a day. These individuals are more prone to health issues & risk of suffering from chronic diseases than those who exercise 4 hours a week & sit still and work 4 hours a day.

Regular exercise, Right diet & healthy lifestyle are the remedy.