Cancellation policy

Billing, Payments and Refund Policy

Subscriptions and the services related to the memberships / subscriptions will be provided for a nominal fee. If you choose to subscribe to the membership, you are therefore agreeing to the terms of sale, pricing, payment and billing policies applicable to such fees and charges. BucketList Dreams may charge a nominal fee for extra add-on services which will be intimated to the users. The users will have the sole discretion to subscribe to these additional services as per their choice. BucketList Dreams may also modify their membership subscriptions charges for the already existing services and packages available periodically and notify the users accordingly.

As a user, you have complete authority of your account and may choose to withdraw or cancel the membership at any point of time. BucketList Dreams shall however not refund any amount paid towards membership, in such cases. In the rare case where BucketList Dreams needs to suspend or cancel a membership subscription, pro-rata refund of the charges paid may be made to the user, at the sole discretion of BucketList Dreams.

Users must inform BucketList Dreams via about any issues or discrepancies in billing or their account statements, within 30 working days. Failing to do so will waive all liability of BucketList Dreams.