About Us

bucket list

/ ‘b k.it, list /

noun, Informal.

A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish and live a healthy lifestyle.

BucketList Dreams’ healthy lifestyle programs are a result of extensive research conducted by an experienced team. We provide result oriented healthy lifestyle programs to you and your families. Affordable Diet Plans is now Live. Our experts help you improve your quality of life. We are here to make a difference to your life. Touch the lives of every Indian. Now, with BucketList Dreams, you can discover a healthier, happier and fitter YOU !

Our Focus Areas


Want to Change the way you live?

Choose our simple and affordable diet plans. Our dream plans ensure that you are able to achieve your goals within the confines of your homes and social boundaries.

These plans are regionally and culturally sensitive. We ensure that you do not need to alter your budgets unnecessarily to accommodate latest trends. Our teams of experts guide you towards achieving your personal health goals.


Need an expert to motivate you towards your goal?

Our fitness coaches constantly keep you on track. We give you customised workout plans and regular fitness tips.

If you have a love for outdoors, you can take your passion to the next level by participating in Bucket list’s Group fitness Holidays and Adventure camps. Take part in lifestyle events like marathons, mountain treks, forest hikes, river rafting, deep sea diving, skiing. Just let your imagination flow. Put down your phone, switch off the gadgets and take a Digital-Detox trip with us!!


Need more?

Our customised nutrition plans, holistic lifestyle management solutions nurture you from within. Our plans are not more than diet charts and fitness goals. We love working closely with you.

We believe that you are unique and therefore you can’t be tied to a fitness tracker or a mechanical gadget. Our experts interact closely and personally with you. We provide you regular counselling and guidance. We support you till you feel positive, confident and upbeat about achieving your dreams!

Our values and core beliefs are critical to your success.

They in turn will form the very foundation and govern all the activities of BucketList Dreams.


Bucketlist Dreams conducts business in a transparent manner. We demonstrate and drive honesty, ethics and equality.


We are committed to the organization and each other. We are all bound by mutual trust and camaraderie. This is the founding DNA at BucketList Dreams. We are an equal opportunity organization with impetus on corporate social responsibility.


We at BucketList Dreams ensure full adherence of information privacy. All personal data (including medical and financial) is kept confidential. None of this is shared with any third party. All systems and processes ensure confidentiality. We strive to maintain the trust of our customers and organizational credibility.

What we Stand For


BucketList Dreams supports an experience where passion and purpose come together to promote healthy living. We offer realistic and affordable lifestyle solutions to help you achieve your dreams. Our commitment is to build a long-lasting and trustworthy association with our customers.


Our Vision is to become the number one choice in lifestyle programs and solutions across India. We aspire to be a company that commands respect by our employees, customers and shareholders.

Our Founders

Aparna Goenka
Aparna Goenka
Aparna epitomizes Walk the Talk. Her passion and zeal for excellence in everything she does has given her success. She has an experience of 15 years in the IT industry, that includes a decade long stint with Infosys. She is an active trustee of an NGO, providing education to children from deprived backgrounds. She was directly instrumental in aligning these kids to mainstream for the past 10 years. Parallelly, she also completed her masters in Special Education from University of Northampton, U.K. Her work-life necessitated her to focus on wellness to stay fit. Once she had this in place for herself and benefitted immensely from it, she has chosen to take it to market. Of course, nothing comes easy….her willingness to walk the untrodden path, with a do-it-all energy and a never-say-die attitude continuing to drive her journey.
Lalit Singh
Maj. (Retd.) Lalit Singh
Lalit is all about passion for life. His unending hunger to push the boundaries and explore new things has led him to strike a rare balance in life. Dedicated father, successful businessman, inspiring motivator are just a few dimensions that define Lalit. He is also an accomplished golfer, keen biker, experienced mountaineer, deep sea diver and travel enthusiast. Lalit was also a decorated Major in the Indian Army and was awarded the Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card for Gallantry, in 1992, for exemplary service in Jammu & Kashmir. Post his army stint, Lalit has held leadership positions in organizations like GE, Deloitte and Dell and Enablers Property Services. Lalit is firmly on his way to achieving most of his Bucket List Dreams and brings his passion for life to work, daily.

The Team

Life at Bucket List Dreams

We celebrate differences and believe in treating all employees equally. The organizational culture encourages you to involve in healthy arguments, unique ideas and productive discussions that will help us-‘BucketList Dreams’ deliver better than the best to the users.

Specialists who practise what they preach is whom we are looking for. We look for people with passion and commitment over experience and credentials. We love to create the space for people to connect and interact to promote the growth of an individual thereby contributing to the growth of the organization.

We are here chasing our dreams and looking for people in cultivating a viable work culture. If you believe lifestyle modifications can be made simple with your vast experience in this field, come join us in this journey of taking people closer to their BucketList Dreams related to health!

Email us at careers@yourbucketlistdreams.com if you would like to join our team.